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Companies lose the ability to directly supervise work .

It is not an issue with Ritsol, that Ritsol provides you with a detailed feedback about performance, the project is divided into modules, we don’t move to the next module, until you are totally satisfied with the current one. Also your supervision counts!

Because work is being performed in multiple locations, breakdowns in communication are more likely to occur in an off-shoring arrangement.

Again not with Ritsol, as we are able to fully manage communications as we have a very professional organizational structure where every word said or written is documented and analyzed after wards

Security and reach of information.

Ritsol has strong precautions in place to prevent fraud and assure compliance with regulations such as PCI DSS

Yet we are the closer to your business, HOW?

Local contact no. to our development center.

Reliable VOIP/VPN infrastructure to ensure that we are always within reach.

Phone and web based support .We make sure that your business is running wether it's via our local presence or remotely in a delivery center, both are seamlessly integrates.