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Egypt Multi cultural society.


•African, Middle Eastern and close to Europe.
•Time zone is GMT +2 (in case of England)
•Abundance of resources .
•200K graduates per year.
•Cultural understanding of local cultures .
•Technical excellence and Profound education
•Competitive rates
•Closer than India and the Philippines, better English language skills than E. Europe, China, Brazil and Mexico.
•Favorable Geographical Location and time difference
•Governmental Support
•Booming ICT sector .
•60 mn mobile phone users, 20 mn internet users, solid infrastructure.
•Very good accent-less English language skills.
•English is taught in all schools as a second language from the 4th grade up.
•Cairo has become the world's 4th most established emerging outsourcing destination.
•Ranked 4th emerging city in the latest 'Top 100 Outsourcing Cities' report conducted by Global Services-Tholons.
•An emerging outsourcing location with great potential…
•Talent supply.egypt
•Large talent pool of +300K annual graduates
•Multilingual pool (Arabic, English, French, German, Italian and Spanish)
•Services oriented culture/empathy
•Cost of operations.
•Comparable to India and Philippines
•Cost competitiveness is sustainable and expected to improve
•World-class Real estate business facilities
•Telecom and Internet connectivity
Government support.
•Strong government organizations driving industry growth
•Government Incentives
•Multiple initiatives launched to enhance talent supply
Business environment
•Commitment to economic reform
•Strategic geographic location
•Large local market