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Reviewing Checklist


  1. Checklist for Test Plan Reviews:

Readiness Criteria





5.1       Test Planning




Is the testing approach feasible?




Are the specified objectives of the test defined?




Have all testing dependencies been addressed (driver function,     hardware, etc.)?




Has the testing environment been completely specified?




Are test suspension and restart conditions defined?








5.2 Correctness and Completeness




• Is there sufficient test coverage to provide confidence that the function being tested operates cor­rectly within its intended environment?




• Do the integration test procedures exercise each interface described in the corresponding design documents?




• Is the description of the function being tested, as documented in the test plan, complete and accu­rate?




• Are all test entrance and exit criteria sufficient and realistic?




• Are all items that are excluded from testing documented as such?




• Have all test deliverables been defined?




• Is the test plan complete, correct, and unambiguous?




• Are the desired levels of requirements and code coverage quantitatively specified?




• Are valid and invalid input conditions tested?




• Have all pass/fail criteria been defined?




• Does the test plan outline the levels of acceptability for pass/fail and exit criteria (e.g., defect toler­ance)?











5.3 Standards and Traceability




Have all test plan standards been followed?




• Does the test plan list all the specifications, standards, and documents necessary for its develop­ment?




• Is each requirement that is specified in the SRS exercised by the acceptance test plan?




• Has all test cases been traced back to individual requirements?








5.4 Regression Test




• Are sufficient and proper test cases identified to re-verify previously tested related functions?




• Are all code changes sufficiently exercised, particularly interface modifications?

















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