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  • Why Odoo ERP services?

    Why Odoo ERP services?

    1. Web Based ERP The whole system is a web based ERP through a set of interconnected applications and modules. This gives the user the luxury to access information from anywhere.
  • SalesForce CRM

    SalesForce CRM

    The World's #1 sales application,Why? Wouldn't you love your sales application to be as easy to use as your favorite consumer Web site? Welcome to the Sales Cloud. Reps love the Sales Cloud because everything they need to do their jobs is in one place. Suddenly, they’re spending less time on administration and more time with customers closing deals. For sales managers, the Sales Cloud gives real-time visibility into their team’s activities. And that means that forecasting sales with confidence is not only possible, it’s easy. And best of all, because it's all in the cloud, there’s no need for expensive hardware or software. No wonder 63,200 companies have made the Sales Cloud the world's most-popular sales application. The idea of CRM is that it helps businesses use technology and human resources to gain insight into the behavior of customers and the value of those customers. If it works as hoped, a business can: Saleforce partner Provide better customer service Make call centers more efficient Cross sell products more effectively Help sales staff close deals faster Simplify marketing and sales processes Discover new customers
  • Ticketing systems - Help desk application

    Ticketing systems - Help desk application

    Support Suite provides you with the tools needed to quickly set up a seamlessly integrated, coherent support platform, saving you and your business time and money, decrease your response times and increase the efficiency of your online operation. Manage your entire support operation, e-mail correspondence from multiple sources and multiple support desk front- ends from a single system.. Support Suite offers true integrated Multi-Channel solution allowing you to manage your emails, online issues, chats, self service and issues received by phone. The entire system has been designed to improve productivity and provide seamless integration between all the available modules. With rich AJAX based interface you can be assured that your client issues are not only handled in a timely but efficient manner. Some key features of the product
    AJAX based Rich User Interface Active Directory & Microsoft® Outlook® (integration) View Share feature allowing you to guide your clients in real-time SLA's, Work Schedules and Escalations Detailed Reports and Analytics Teamwork module allowing you to create shared Events, Contacts and Tasks ITIL Standard
    Who are the users ?
    Administrators This group is responsible for data entry and revisions on vital data for system operations Staff These user groups use the system to interact with the tickets. Customers In such case customers are Employees contacting the support center. They can have access to the system or just be an email based user group. High level management High level managers will be able to obtain detailed and summarized reports about aspect of the operations within the 4 initial reports provided with the system. Also will be able to view and monitor daily operations by the munites