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VoIP is a relatively new technology that facilitates voice communication over the internet. In other words, VoIP services use the broadband internet connection to transmit the data packets as opposed to the wires in a conventional telephone.

The biggest plus of VoIP services, as opposed to traditional phone services, is its easy installation features and low cost. What all one may need to start using VoIP is a PC, broadband connection, and an Analog Telephone Adapter (ATA), which we will offer to you as part of the deal.

With the ATA in place, one can use his/her normal telephone to make VoIP calls. Regarding cost, most VoIP services charge much less for all the features (such as caller id, call waiting, conference facilities, call transfer, ...) while traditional phone services are more costly with separate tariffs for long distance and local calls.


Flexibility. That is, while normal telephones are permanently linked to the telephone lines, ATAs can be taken anywhere in the world along with you. Then, by attaching it to a normal telephone and an internet connection, you can make VoIP calls to any other ATA in the same network for no additional cost.

Link your offices directly to your solutions and contact remote offices directly as a local extension.

 Join millions of satisfied Asterisk users around the world.

 We combine hardware from different vendors with open source Asterisk solutions to bring you cost effective communication