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Odoo ERP


1.  Web Based ERP 

The whole system is a web based ERP through a set of interconnected 
applications and modules. This gives the user the luxury to access 
information from anywhere.

It also minimizes the cost of IT and of changes 
to the program as the updated versions are done in one centralized place. All 
users will access instantly the updated version in that case which also means 
less time dedicated that affects the Total Cost of Ownership.


2.  Accessibility  

Based on our marketing research on ERP software usability, we have 
introduced a lot of techniques that helps the user to perform their work in a 
much easier and faster way. 

3.  Look and Feel  
a. Themes:

The application is built in a way which leaves to the user the 

flexibility to select from the existing themes. Which helps them having some 
personalization over the application

b. Menu Design:

The menu is designed in a way that helps the user to access any operation in the shortest possible way.


RITSOL’s Odoo Implementation Methodology