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Document Conversion Services


Creation of digital content

Document Capture is an imaging service that uses standard options to convert paper to digital images. We can quickly define the project scope, receive a detailed implementation schedule, and delivery plan so you have a clear understanding of the project from start to finish. By taking advantage of this simplified setup and implementation, your project will be completed faster with the quality we’ve grown to expect from RITSOL

Select standard imaging and indexing

By choosing from a standard set of defined options, we can help you build a scalable imaging program that creates electronic versions of your hard copy records on either an upfront or as-needed basis. Your converted documents will be indexed and organized so you can find and use them as needed from anywhere. Our trained specialists leverage proven imaging best practices to ensure that your indexing and QA requirements are met. Your images will be delivered to you in the format you select which can be stored in your system. This standard approach helps to accelerate processing and turnaround time without sacrificing quality

Document capture standard specification

Document Preparation:Prior to imaging your documents, RITSOL will remove staples and clips, flatten bent corners, and ready documents according to (Light, Medium, or Heavy) preparation procedures.
Scanning details: we will scan all documents in black and white. All documents will be scanned at a resolution of 200 DPI (dots per inch) or as per client request.
Reassembly Post imaging:original documents are returned in the same order within the folder(s) or container(s) prior to the imaging process.
Quality Assurance: RITSOL will perform statistical quality assurance utilizing the ANSI/ASQC to establish the sample size(s), acceptance, rejection, and re-sampling parameters.
Indexing: RITSOL will create indexing fields as per requirements which will be utilized by users to locate imaged files.
Image Output: Client will choose one image output format; Multi-page TIFF, Multi-page PDF, Searchable PDF or PDFA.
User acceptance (QA): Client Quality Assurance team will QA images and index information.
Data export: data will be exported into suitable Eversuite import format as per the specifications releases by RITSOL to Ever Team during the project initiation.
Original Documents Disposition Post imaging: None within scope

Work break down structure

WBS Code
Requirement collection - Business Processes, Discussion on environment, etc.
Business Requirement Document & Sign off
Business Requirement Document Review (included Above)
Preparation of Project plan (Included In Project Management)
Document prepapation
Document scanning
File indexing
Data export
Reports and project management
Weekly QA Review
Digital documents
Data entry
Digital data


Active Risk
Delays in providing hardware and human resources for the project
Delays in scheduling activities for project facilitation
Any undocumented requirement not mentioned in the scope of the project
Any change in the requirements documented after the created requirement-mapping documents have been finalized in the envisioning phase.Such as as changes in the indexing fields or addition documents or documents sizes not stated in the scope.
Culture Impact
Delays in digital scanning services
Delays in user acceptance (QA) by the end client
Feedback Delay
Risk Consequence
This might cause delays in initiating the project eventually resulting in the failure to complete the project within timeline
Scheduling of personnel and/or equipment for project activities would
result in delay in the deadlines set out for linked milestones
This might cause delay in the completion of the project within the timeline so will be treated as CCR.
This will directly affect the project timeline and would be treated as CCR.
If the organization personnel do not feel comfortable with the way the software works and does not show flexibility in acceptance of the solution, they project may get stuck.
If the resources participating in the process are not enough. This will hinder the progress of the implementation.
This will delay the acceptance and final delivery and end client should add more resources to QA process.
Delays in feedback provisioning and / or required sign-offs might result in timeline delays